Current units

Chief Financial OfficerSascha Wolf & Tim
Board member for public relations and internal organizationMaximilian
Board for university policyChristopher
Consultant for ServiceDeyaa
Desk officer for culture
Currently the AStA has no employees  

Higher Education Policy

University politics (HoPo) is traditionally the central area of responsibility of every AStA. Protecting and representing the interests of all students at a university is ultimately the basic idea that led to the founding of student parliaments and student councils. Regardless of which department a member of the AStA primarily works on, this basic idea always remains the overriding goal shared by all. Accordingly, every member of the AStA is also a "university politician"; conversely, by no means every student who is involved in university politics is also a member of the AStA. There are a number of different committees and organizations that are more or less part of university politics. These include, above all, the elected bodies of the student body, but also the student representatives in committees of the university or the student union. The associations of foreign students and other organizations can also be added. The AStA is the executive body of the student body and is appointed and supervised by the Student Parliament (StuPa), to which it is accountable. The StuPa is directly elected by the students in democratic elections every year and is the most important body of the student body. As an executive body, the AStA takes on the role of the government, so to speak, compared to "big politics", and does the practical work. In university politics, the work of the AStA consists in particular of sending voting members to various committees, working groups, discussion groups, etc. and actively working for student interests. But not only this committee work is part of the tasks, it is also always particularly important to have an open ear for all the things that cause discussion within the student body or could possibly be of importance for all students. The AStA is especially responsible for problems that affect all courses of study. For matters concerning specific disciplines or problems within a single faculty, the student councils are primarily responsible, although cooperation between the individual student councils to solve particularly important problems is of course possible and desirable. In summary, the area of university policy consists of committee work, gathering and disseminating information, and engaging in conversations with various individuals/institutions/bodies that are important to students directly or through the potential impact of their decisions. It is an ongoing process that involves not only the AStA Office of University Policy, but all members of AStA and, in addition, a variety of individuals outside of AStA. If you have any questions, please contact Christopher at


The responsibilities of the Service Department are to maintain the inventory of service materials and thus provide the conditions for a smooth operation in the area of our services, such as binding, laminating, printing, faxing, ISIC cards, and much more. In this regard, students should be assisted with questions and receive quotes that are as cost effective as possible. The tasks of a service officer are not only limited to the work within the AStA premises, but also include the support of the dormitory printers. For this purpose, regular contact is maintained with local printers and the Studentenwerk. The service department thus fulfills exactly what the name promises: providing services for the benefit of all students. Since the AStA only aims to cover costs and not to make a profit, the income only serves to cover the running costs or to replace defective machines. This explains the unbeatable low prices for our services. Our service representative is currently Deyaa. Get in touch with any questions at


To make Clausthal's student life a little more varied, the cultural department organizes various events: international cultural evenings, readings, cinema, LAN parties and much more. If you are planning your own event, we are happy to help you with the planning and organization. If you need financial support, please have a look at the financing section. If you have any questions, please contact Tim at


The Finance Department manages all the money of the student body. The main tasks are the administration of the assets, bookkeeping, accounting as well as the regular contact with the bank and the other financiers of the student councils, the foreigners' council and the sports council. Furthermore, together with the council of elders, we make sure that all committees handle the money sensibly and conscientiously. If you have any questions, please contact Sascha at


The public relations department is a cross-sectional department - above all, it should support the other departments in their work and represent the AStA as a body with clear goals. This includes, among other things, representing the AStA at public appearances such as inaugurations or graduate farewells. The Public Relations Officer works to support the other units by planning and creating promotional materials, writing reports, editing statements, and advising the other members on their outreach efforts. Furthermore, he is in charge of the website as well as the Facebook presence of the AStA. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Max at