Living learning space

Living place of learning in the StuZ

The Student Center (StuZ) offers a PC pool as well as a Living Learning Space. This is open for use from 7 am to 7 pm - after that you can continue to enter the building with a valid TUCard (see below).


    The Living Learning Space at the StuZ can be used by students of the TU Clausthal after 7 pm if you use your TUCard as a key. Every TU-Card with a red Studentenwerk logo can be used as a key. To do so, you have to go to the helpdesk of the computer center and have the key function activated. This way you will be included in the access group "students" and you will be able to open the entrance door, the PC-Pool door and the door to the Living Learning Space in the StuZ. Please note that you will have to update your card after 10 days at a wall reader. One is located next to the entrance to the StuZ. For further information please contact the helpdesk of the computer center or the AStA. If you still have a TU-Card with a blue Studentenwerk logo, you can get a new TU-Card for free if you tell them that you want to use it as a key.

      Room booking

      The Living Learning Space of the StuZ can be booked for events. To do so, send an email to with the following information:

      • Name of the event
      • Date and time of the event (consider setup and dismantling time if necessary)
      • Name of a contact person
      • Is the kitchen of the StuZ needed?