Binding work

You can have your seminar paper or thesis bound by us. Either you have already printed your copies, then the binding is a little faster, or we print out the document for a fee (b/w: 0.04€, color: 0.12€). Here you will find not only the different types of bindings that we offer, but also the binding form. This is only for the overview of the prices and will be filled out by you on site, but you do not need to bring it yourself.


Hardcover Connections

Hardcover bindings have a metal strip in the spine, which is pressed together and holds the work together.As a hardcover can be chosen between material in linen and leather look. You can see the colors below. The possible font colors can be seen here on the right. For a spine embossing (side embossing) the work must be at least 10mm thick.

The TU Clausthal logo, which is always embossed in the upper left corner, may only be embossed in black or colorless due to the corperate design of the TU Clausthal. Which colors - linen or leather - we have available, you can check here.

Softcover connection

Softcover bindings usually consist of leather paper (textured paper) on the front and back, clear film is also possible. The paper can be printed with black and white according to your wishes.

Softcover bindings are glued and require 10 minutes to dry after the gluing process. From the edges are usually cut off 2mm per side to round out the overall image.

Ring binding

For ring bindings, as for softcover bindings, you can choose between foil and leather paper. The ring size ranges from 6mm up to 32mm. With a binder strip, the bindings can be filed in a folder.