Borrowing items

The AStA has the following things from funds of all students, which can be borrowed for free.

  • 1 big pavilion (4x8m) or 2x small pavilions (4x4m)
  • 1 beer tent set (2 benches and 1 table)
  • several LAN cables in different lengths
  • 6 Wireless N USB adapters (up to 150Mbps)
  • 3 switches (ZyXEL GS1910-24 with 24 ports each)
  • 1 pre-sale booth

For events, the Living Learning Space of the StuZ can be rented, including the kitchen of the StuZ. Further information can be found here.

Other points of contact for lending

Sports Department

The student body's athletic department offers jerseys for rent.

  • 20 long jerseys
  • 20 short jerseys
  • 20 shorts
  • 20 socks
  • 2 long jerseys (goalkeeper)
  • 2 long pants (goalkeeper)
  • 2 shorts (goalkeeper)

in sizes of

  • 2 M
  • 10 L
  • 6 XL
  • 2 XXL

Please send your requests 2 weeks in advance to the sports department:

Computer center

The computer center (RZ) offers especially technical stuff like beamers, speakers and more. You can find more information here.

Kellerclub im StuZ e.V.

The Kellerclub offers on the one hand technology for events, but also drinking cups. You can find more information here.