Council of Foreigners

The Foreign Students' Council (AuRa) is intended to take into account the high proportion of foreign students.

Its core task is to represent all foreign students at Clausthal University of Technology. Since only foreign students can be elected to this body, it knows first-hand where there are problems, what interests foreign students in particular have, and how perhaps they themselves or older semesters have defused such situations.

On the one hand, the committee works closely with the AStA to solve problems. On the other hand, of course, with the council of elders, since the German bureaucracy and formal matters are not easy to handle.


Requests may be made orally or in writing at any time. Pay attention to this when making financial requests.


The Foreigners' Council meets once a month during the lecture period and as needed during the non-lecture period. The meetings are announced 7 days before the meeting.

The minutes of the meetings are published here on the AStA website 7 days after the meeting as well as sent by e-mail.


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