Student Council and Central Student Council

Student Representatives at the TU Clausthal

The student representative bodies are the best contacts for subject-specific questions, especially for viewing lines, lectures, internships, etc.

They also have appropriate connections to companies for excursions, guest lectures and much more.

Here you can find a list of all current student representatives including links to their websites with further information. If you are not sure which student council your study program belongs to, this overview will help you:

Assignment of the study programs to the departments

A detailed assignment of the study programs to the student representatives can be found here.

Fachschaft GER: Student Council for Earth, Energy and Natural Resource Sciences

Student Council MI: Student Council for Mathematics and Computer Science

Student Council MVC: Student Council for Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering

PMC Student Council: Student Council for Physics, Materials Science and Chemistry

WIWI Student Council: Student Council for Economic Sciences

Student Central Council

The FZR meets once a month during the lecture period and as needed during the non-lecture period. The meetings are published 7 days in advance by e-mail and on our website . In urgent cases it also meets within 2 days after invitation (extraordinary meeting).

The minutes of the meetings can be found 7 days after the meeting as usual on our site, as well as sent by e-mail to the members of the FZR.


Requests may be made in writing or verbally at any time.