Election result HHY 2022/23

Here you can find the election results from 03.02.2022 for the fiscal year 2022/23 (April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023).

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Proposal list
Election results


As many candidates as mandates:

  • Elena Brunke
  • Sascha Wolf

Student parliament

Since there were less candidates than mandates, all lists entered the parliament completely.

Elected students:

Liberal University Group ClausthalRCDS Clausthal
Eggers, ChristopherEhrmann, Joshua
Sagittarius, Philipp AlexanderBahrami, Asal
Swede, Jan HenrikSahari, Amir
Abo Hamoud, AliGhimire, Saksham
Alkhawaja, AliWeber, Beatrix
Becker, Julian AlexanderWichtendahl, Freia
Karlstedt, Lina 
Stephan, Roman 

Council for Foreigners

Members are considered elected (no more candidates than seats):

Elected members:

  • Nganko Nkwankep, Germain
  • Khan, Muhammad Humayoun
  • Alkhawaja, Ali
  • Li, Xuemeng
  • Azemfack Djouafack, Lenny
  • Houaghon Nankap, Obryl Donald
  • Ntilla, Marko

Professional Associations

Student Council Earth, Energy and Natural Resources Sciences

(majority election, 7 seats)

Number of eligible voters:686
Number of voters:46
Number of invalid ballots:0

Voter turnout:


Elected members:

  • Sander, Anastasia

  • Sievers, Wiebke Kristin

  • Buchheister, Felix

  • Giesen, Tim

  • Hustedt, Ole Jakob

  • Dauben, Martin

  • Knabe, Marc

Mathematics and Computer Science Student Council

Since there were no applicants, no election took place. The department MI remains unoccupied for the HY 22/23.

Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering Student Council

(majority election, 7 seats)

Elected members:

  • Bosch, Hauke

  • Hahn, Vincent

  • Renner, Lukas

  • le Claire, David

  • Herzel, Timon

  • Books, Ayke

  • Schulze, Annika

Student Council Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry

(majority election, 7 seats)

Number of eligible voters:460
Number of voters:71
Total number of valid votes:313
Voter turnout:


Elected members:

  • Grote, Philipp

  • Hackbarth, Urs

  • Moog, Samira

  • Becker, Jan

  • Klose, Nicolas

  • Sommermeyer, Claudia

  • Samson, Lea

Student council Wiwi

  • Brunke, Elena

  • Iliopoulos, Maurice

  • Wienecke, Robine-May

  • Ghimire, Saksham

  • Maali, Aras